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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something is in the Air

You know, when everything is just good, and everyone around you just seems to be bouncing positive energy back to you and the universe just seems to be going your way... It is like that a lot around us at the moment, my family is always a positive force in my life and I love work and feel so blessed to have such a supportive, uplifting, inspiring group of girls to work with. So much is moving and it is so amazing to feel like I am being swept up into something so much bigger than myself and yet I am apart of it, influencing it, creating it. Aaaaahhhhhh :-D

And one of the big moves is soooooooooooooo exciting for me. I will be teaching my first class at my fffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavourite scrapbook store (not that I am biased) in October. What a pleasure and an honour to have Natalie ask me to pass on the fun and knowledge in that great little Kaiser caddie that I created for Eliza a little while back. It has been on display in the shop for a bit now and thanks to you lovely ladies that commented and asked about it, it is now a class. But I will talk more about that another time.

Thought I would share with you a project I did a little while ago for Mitch's Godmother and my wonderful mate Krysta who has been working away on mine sites for the past few years. I thought she should have a little album of the kids, as she usally keeps photos of them up on her office wall. I thought that while she is shacked up in accomodation usually not much like a home she could use a bit of pretty to help her remember all the people that love her back home. Unfortunately for her, I took it back and it has been in the store for display for a while now. I will have to get my thinking cap on and rustle up something particularly spectacular for her birthday to say a big thanks for letting me borrow it back.

I had a ball making this because I chose to do it in my favourite colours - that spectacular teal that and that plush purple! Yay for the Folk Art Metallics, they make the colours look so rich!! And I already had sooooo many co-ordinating embellishments, in fact looking into my stash I can never believe how much of the same stuff I buy, I know I like something when I have walked into the store and bought the same thing on different occasions.

The album is a consertina and it came in it's own little box, I had to alter the lid a little in the end because I had made the book so chunky the lid wouldn't close, but I think it worked well in the end.

Well, I promised it wouldn't be so long, and so there you go!! Promise it won't be too long again. Now I have some better shots of some of the things I have to show you, I will be sure to put them up soon.

Take care of each other,
see you soon!!


Davinia said...

Fantastic news about teaching the class Megan. Love your album and colour combinations. I think you're turning into Superwomen, husband, kids, work....and time to create.

Anonymous said...

She is superwoman Davinia - an inspiration to me.