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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay, now that wasn't too long was it?

So here is another quick update!! Are you all shocked?

This little album was a DT project given to me by Natalie from Scraptivate. It is the bright and funky "Zinnia" range from Little Yellow Bicycle. The title came directly off one of the papers, in fact, when the pack was handed to me at a staff crop, someone was waiting for me to read the lovely family quotes on the paper because they knew I would get a tear in my eye, but I got them... I waited till I got home to read them, tehehe!!! (And yes I did a little teary.)

I really do love this album because the papers are so fantastic (and they have oodles of my favourite colours, purple and orange, in them). The wide colour range meant I could use heaps of different photos without clashing with the paper, and no black and whites.  It is my favourite mini album to date. I was looking through the multitudes of photos of my little family and I was blown away by just how openly affectionate they all are to each other, even without realising it. Whenever they are put close together even when they just sit on the couch together, they sit right up close to each other, put their arms around each other, just generally give love to one another and I absolutely love it!! I had to be picky about what photos I put in or else it would have been too thick to bind.

I must say too, knowing that Kev won't read this, I did make a point of using some flowers with the boys photos. And I think I pulled it off quite well. And, Yes, there is quite a bit of magenta too!

Well, if your interested in an up close look it, is in the store on display.  Feel free to stop in and flick through the pages!

And to those who saw my FB comment on Monday, yes I rustled up a little something... I have completed a double layout which I am going to teach as an Introductory Scrapbooking Class in November at the store. I am sooooooooo  excited, so wonderfully excited!!  It is going to be awesome!!!!

Take care of each other,
see you soon.
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Svetlana said...

As I said make this photo bigger. I love them, they're so beautiful.

Brenda Grace said...

So Sweet and what a lovely thought.

Jenny said...

That is such a beautiful photo and I am glad you made it your blog header xxx

Dont know who would want to make you cry !!! thats not very nice of them is it?

Luv J

Brenda Grace said...

Stunning as a bloh header - now I'm jealous!