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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello, hello, hello!!! I know, I know, it has been a while hasn't it. I am not going to bore you with all the usual excuses and rhetoric, I am absolutely sure that you know how it gets to be so long between blogs. In fact I would like a vote of who thinks I should be the first person nominated to receive a"Blogging WITH obligation" tag. But enough of inflated apologies and guilt ridden explanations, let's get on with the blog...

So first of all, I quickly made a card last night for one of the TA's in Kassidy's class as way of a thank you to her for thinking of Kassidy. I wish now I hadn't already written in it when I took the photo because on the inside I had layered two of the pattern papers, one embossed and put lace over the join, just for somewhere pretty to write. It was such an easy card, the type of sketch you could do for any old scraps of paper you have and all the odds and ends of your ribbon and lace. On the Cuttlebug die ribbon tag I have placed one of the most beautiful butterflies out of the new K & Co stuff that we got into the shop just the other week. There of some of every size and variety in the box, all with a little bit of bling on them! They are just divine and if you know me, you know winged things are my thing!!

The top mat with the lace around it is mounted on foam mounting tape. As usual, much clearer irl, or if I was half way competent at photographing my artwork!

(PS the cut out rose in the bottom left corner was only put there because Angus (Master 2 in 3 weeks) BIT a chunk out of the base mat pattern paper, and it was all I had left of it, so there was my quick cover up... necessity is the mother of invention, ain't that the truth!!!)

Now the next thing I have for show and tell is a "flashback" or maybe a "classic" would be a nicer way to put it. This canvas I made as soon as that cool punky girl paper came into Scraptivate, back when I was on maternity leave. As you can see I am soooooo not getting the hang of photographing my stuff. Please don't pay any mind to the blinding flash spot that is taking up half of the canvas. That funky, punky style suits my children down to a tee, so I got very excited when it came out all pink and full of "trouble".

It's always such a learning curve looking back at older projects, I still keep this canvas on display because I absolutely love all the expressions Wal is pulling in all the photos, but you can't help but think, "gee I wish I had of... I should have put... that thing should have been over there... WHAT WAS I THINKING..." and also, as new products come out I am such a bugger for wanting to pull stuff apart to put new product on that suits the layout better than the old stuff. You know what I mean?! Still even if it's not to everyone's taste at the end of the day the only person who needs to love it is us, isn't it...?

And last (but hopefully not least and hopefully in a more timely manner than this time), I just had to share with you these photos of my big boy. He was honoured with the role of Jesus in this years Stations of the Cross at his school. Honest to goodness, I was so proud of him, I had tears in my eyes the whole time!! He did an absolutely amazing job, so much good feed back I think he has stars in his eyes, WAPA here he comes. It is so amazing to me everyday just how quickly my baby is growing into a young man and how scary it is as a mum, just hoping I've done enough to prepare him for his journey ahead. He really is a incredible person, so deep and so complex. And I just love him with all my heart.

Tell me if it is just me, but it doesn't seem to matter how big he gets, he still just seems like my baby. Changing and yet staying the same! Growing, but still being my boy...

Best get off this subject, if he sees this it will hit that rather large and extended humility bone that sticks out of all children around this age... "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr-uuuuuuuuummmmm, you're so embarrassing!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Megan sooooooooo good to see you blogging again.
Your babies will always be your babies no matter what age they are.
Please don't stay away so long ever again.
See you soon
Caryl K

Jenny said...

Ok - so after the first word I just kept on reading LOL - It is like a movie - you just need to know what happens LOL.....
I know how you feel about your Big Boy - wait until MR 2 is that big -I want to know where the time goes?
Until the next six month update take care and be well LOL Luv Jen xxx

Binxcat1 said...

hey, just stopping by to say hi. Know what you mean about babies growing up too quick... love the photos of you Jesus boy... very deep & meaningful stuff.

Davinia said...

Oh My, after your big announcement last night that you had updated your blog, I forgot all about it. See....I got so used to not checking. Love the card and the canvas and the fact that your kiddies bite chunks out of things, so normal. Thanks for the lovely comments about my necklace too!

Natalie Wolfe said...

Love the canvas! You never showed me that one. Ok so we want another update as soon as I email you pics of your other art work I took the other day. So everyone can ame me of there are delays. Now go and check out my blog which I also just updated!!!