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for inside it is black... it is also, red and purple and blue and green and orange and all the colours of the rainbow. I am showing you my true colours.

Monday, October 18, 2010

That call was for me. Yep, it said "wake up"!!

I have had some wonderful conversations of late, with some wonderfully blessed and wise people. And it has all got me thinking. I know, that's dangerous, isn't it?!
One of these wonderful people asked me what I did. What a terrific question! So simple, so obvious and yet this question has made me lose sleep, has made me question so many things that I thought were constants in my life. It's the kind of question you can answer in a second- straight off the cuff- have it wash straight over you like water off a ducks back. Or it's the kind of question that when you go to answer, you realise you don't know the answer and trying to work it out it becomes so hard that it makes you reassess everything going on. I really liked that question!
So I am going to explain just a little bit about what I do. As it seems to me today. 
I spent quite a lot of time with my Nana when I was younger while my Mum spent a lot of time at the hospital with my older sister.  On the mantle in her kitchen she had about four old tea caddy tins.  I think this was the start of it.  That and Charlie Brown (a close relative) rolling smokes with one hand with baccy out of his little blue tin that he balanced in the hand that didn't have all his fingers.  It's so funny how some of your childhood memories can be so abstract and yet so, so, so vivid.  And so because these are two of those beautifully vivid memories I am sure that is where I got my "addiction" to tins.  I have always collected tins.  And that grew as I got older to trinket boxes and jewellery boxes and old bottles and jars.  Oh I love them.  I actually have an old Bex bottle with the label still on!!  That is one of my favourites.  So when I do my arty type thing (I'm not pretentious enough yet to call myself an artist LOL!!!  And truth be known, I don't think we can ever imbue ourselves with that title, I think it is for others to judge)  what I do is "alterations" and my favourite places to do it are on boxes and tins and books (that is for another post!).  So in case you didn't see it, I put my Wax Box on my blog a while ago, that is definitely one of my favourites.  Now, what I am showing you isn't a box, but it is still more "Meganesque" (LOL!! you-know-who) than some other things I have done lately.  It's so funny, I am NOT a gardener but I always create with leaves and flowers and all things of nature, work that out!?

This is my "Secluded Gardens" Canvas.  I am not even going to try to list some of the techniques, cause to be honest it's a mish-mash.  101 techniques on a canvas, LOL!!

Now when I say it, I don't just say it to hear myself speak (read myself type)- I say it because I sincerely hope as a world, as people in a community, as women (I don't think I have many man reading my blog, please let me know if you are a bloke reading this!), as family members, as friends that we learn to look after each other, because when we do, I believe, that is when we will make awesome things happen! So...
Take care of each other,
see you soon!


char said...

Gorgeous xx

Dawnie said...

Luving this beautiful piece miss much details its just yum-diddlie-yum-yum! Beautiful post dear gal

Ev said...

no idea how I missed this till now - lovely post