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Monday, September 13, 2010

Too Much Cake. Is that even possible?

This week we are celebrating Mel-Belle's birthday, Angus's birthday, Father's Day and Mitch's Confirmation! What does this all mean?
Oh my Lordy, if I have a weakness it's cake!! Oh I just love it! I have hunted down the best cake shops! I will go to extremes to get it! If there is cake in the house, I'll eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner! Thick moist mud! Light fluffy mousse! Baked cheesecake! Continental cheesecake! Hummingbird! Kugloff! Jaffa! Chocolate! Vanilla! Strawberry! Lime Brulee! With extra cream! And of course smothered in ganache! Sometimes I'll eat it just for the ganache icing!
Some of us have crosses to bear, addictions - monkeys on our backs! What can I do, I'm only human!
The worst thing is... I've passed my addiction onto my daughter! Poor little chunky chops...what hope does she have!!??

These flowers were made with the Cuttlebug cut and emboss die. and the ribbon was out of a Webster's ribbon pack.
These are little paper ribbon buckles cut from a Spellbinder's die. I love them, they are sooooo cute!

Well I'm off to eat all the Milky Way that is left, followed by dessert. Eclair torte! Nom nom nom!!

Take care of each other, share your cake!!
See you soon,
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