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for inside it is black... it is also, red and purple and blue and green and orange and all the colours of the rainbow. I am showing you my true colours.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Much Do I Love...

How much do I love the Stazon Metallics?  HEAPS AND HEAPS AND HEAPS!!  They are so lush and it sits on top so it shows up on EVERYTHING!!  Yep, love it!!
This is the Silver Metallic Stazon on Acetate.  YUM!
This one has Stazon Blazing Red under the Stazon, YUMMIER!!  The fourth photo sits behind the third on the layout with the little black tab sticking out which is why I have dog eared the acetate, so you can reach the tab.  I loved doing this LO, it's been nearly a year since my baby lost his curls, he looked so gorgeous with them. And I love the expression he has, so grown up!!
Take care of each other,
see you soon.

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Davinia said...

You know you're an enabler, now I have to come in and spend money. Love your layout.
My word verification is...adster..very apt really, Megan the adster!!!!!!