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Monday, April 5, 2010

I am back

Not that you would have noticed I was gone, because I did still update my blog. But I am officially back. Lent is over so the internet is back in my daily diet. It has been an interesting journey over the past month and a half. There were issues and aspects I honestly didn't think of arising out of my fast. I wonder now, to a degree, whether this thing called the internet is even an option in our lives anymore, is it a bonus, an added extra, or has it become indelible in our lives, has it become a necessity to survive today? I am not sure I am at the end of that question, I am far, far from an answer in my life, but I think I am definately the better for realising that there is a lot of questions and I will continue to move forward, questioning and enjoying the journey.

I am posting photos today of a DT project I did with the My Little Shoebox "Little Ladies" papers and the Kaisercraft Paisley Mini Album.

I did really love doing this, I put a giant shaker in the scalloped paisley frame that came in the album. The colours and patterns in this paper range were so cute, girlie but not pink and frilly, which totally suits Eliza. And I lllllooooooooooovvvee Lady Bugs.
I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, I hope you all had the opportunity to share time with your loved ones, had time to experience something memorable, had an experience to challenge and reaffirm your beliefs or even just had a good rest, either way I wish you all the peace and renewal this time of year offers to us all!!

Take care of each other,
see you soon.
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Jenny said...

Hi huni xxx

I am so glad you didnt give up your phone LOL

See ya soon

Kelvin & Melissa said...

Hi, welcome Back. I certainly did miss you & am glad that you have come back to us.
Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen - I just couldn't have condoned that ...