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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pride, Lessons and Laughter

Sorry about the quality of the photo, yes, I took it in church... with my phone... UMMMM VAAAAAHHH - "Hail Mary full of Grace..." will say a few more of them to make up for it.  Although I am sure that God understands how much I want to share my pride in my (not so big) boy.

Yes that is my Moo-Moo, first time as altar server.  I am so proud he has taken on the responsibility and that he is learning about taking on a role of care and service within the community.  Whether it be in the church, in the family or just in the wider community, I think it is soo important that I teach my children to take care of people and offer support and service to those that need it.  Taking on a role like altar server just helps give the opportunity to put that in practice. 

Father Bonaventure actually really helped my in his sermon on Saturday, he touched on a point that is something I struggle with on a day to day basis.  Without prattling on I will pass on to you his gem of truth as I am sure this will make a lot of sense to alot of us no matter what your faith or convictions...
"When you win the rat race, you are still a rat."   
Think I am ready to take 5 minutes out and have some time for peace and gratitude, how 'bout you?

Now on to something a bit lighter...

This is Anghee (2) being difficult, if I can't take photos of him now what is he going to be like as a teenager!?!

Take care of each other (and yourself), 
see you soon.
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Brenda Grace said...

Hmmmmm Rat Race - yes left that behind some years ago now - love the comment, thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Your must be so proud of Mitch, good on him Megan, all your kids are good kids even Mr Attidute - You so have to scap the arms folded looking away photo LOL...