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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday Night

On Saturday the lovely Judy B threw a wonderful end of year party for all her staff at the hospital and we were lucky enough to make it on to the exclusive invitation list, and we had a ball!!! Thank you so much Judy, for thinking of us. It was a great night!!!
This is Judy getting her "groove" on and boy can she groove!! Judy and Benedict absolutely rock when it comes to tripping the lights fantastic!

Mel-Belle and Natalie

Natalie and Michael (hahaha, looks like he is in trouble! He wasn't but I have managed to get photos mid expression on everyone, wait till you see the ones I scrap)

Kev and I (not the best photo, and would you believe 2 weddings and a dinner/dance later, not one decent photo of us. It is a conspiracy!!)

I swear I have some art to show you very soon, it must have just been one of those fortnights, can't seem to catch up. But I will post photos asap!!

Take care of each other,
see you soon.
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Brenda Grace said...

Looks like a great time and great photos!

Jenny said...

Those are great photos - Love the one of MEl and Natalie and LOL - It does look like Michaels was in trouble !!!

See ya Zumba tonight huni xxx

kelsey said...

Looks like it was a fantastic night M!!! Maybe you should've sat on Kev's knee....then you would've been the right height to him and you wouldn't have had to stretch up so high to be in the photo! lol