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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blessed are we! and Pink Puppy

We have had Angus baptised after all this time! 

It came to my attention I was putting it off for all the wrong reasons. So a snap decision was made and we went head long into it with only 2 weeks preparation. And it was so easy, and such a beautiful day. Mitch and Kassidy did a reading together, and were amazing.

 Even through Kassidy's obvious anxiety they both spoke so beautifully and with such conviction. And of course Eliza wouldn't let everyone else be the centre of attention so she followed them up and stood with them. Father Giosue has the patience of a saint (excuse the pun)! He got Mitch to help him with the anointing and because Eliza was following them around he then asked her to take the white vests and candles to all the families. How fantastic, so wonderful of him to include the children so whole heartedly with no concern. And she did not disappoint strolling up to everyone without a second thought. She will never be in anyone's shadow, of that I am sure.

As always these things give us a moment of pause to reflect and remind ourselves of what is important. Thank you Natalie, I know that Angus will never be left wanting for love and spiritual guidance with you in his life. You are so important to us and I am glad for the opportunity to bring us closer.  Love you heaps.

And of course the photos... mmm, think I've got some scrappin' to do!

I have had this photo for a while and every time I see it, it stops me in my tracks.  How cute is it?  Ellie was having her face painted by the wonderful girls from Kater4Kids (if you haven't heard me rave about how wonderful they are, don't get me started).  She wanted to be a puppy, with the distinction that she had to be "girl".  Ellie knows her colours, but pink doesn't exist.  It is simply "girl".  And so she is a "girl" puppy!

With a little tear streak aswell!

PS Please excuse the fact that the photos are a bit all over the shop, am still getting the hang of this thing.



Your children are adorable! Well done on starting your blog. Keep it up.

kelsey said...

Lovely photo's Megan and what a wonderful family event! We know you have all that spare time on your hands so how about blogging more frequently??? huh!!! lol