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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Post

Not quite like the "last post", but I feel as though there is the same deafening silence!

So, it's that time of year, and here I am dreadfully unprepared as usual.  About 3 weeks ago I came up with the notion that I would make the boys teachers their thank you gifts this year.  Not unusual, have done this before.  However, what I sort of hadn't considered was the fact that my pre-pri son had 4 staff members in his class this year, yes FOUR!!  Four of the most amazing, affectionate, patient women who have the most infectious warmth and happiness that just made his year so bright and gave him the most wonderful thirst for school!  So no scrimping on those girls!  Come on now!  The product was purchased, the plans were sketched.

And then all of a sudden the deadline is a week away.  How did that happen?  No worries, I am all organised and know exactly what I am going to do, I'll make it in time, easy!!  A crop was planned and Natalie and I had a no chit-chat pact strictly in order to get things done, and it actually happened that way.  By the time I left (at 2am) all four projects had been started and were well on the way.  

So the following night, we had social plans.  We never have social plans.  I mean, never.  Oh except of course if we have other social plans or if I have something that desperately needs to be done.  You know how it is.

The next night, school concert, God bless all their white cotton school socks!!!  So at 10pm the night before they are due, I have the decision to make: ignore the already 10-12 hours of painting and gluing already done and just get them chockies on the way to school in the morning or pull my finger out and start sticking on them paper flowers!!!  I chose the latter.

I didn't get to sleep that night!

How is it that cutting paper and sticking on flowers takes sooooo much time!  I was very good, hardly any procrastination, at least until about 4 when I was seeing double, lol!!!  But finally they were complete.  I was quite happy with the finished project, of course you can always see your own faults.

Made two quick sandwiches and wrapped the little beauties in cellophane and off to school we trundled.  Left them on the desk when I dropped him off.  Had big plans to snooze all day, but didn't quite turn out that way.  Got a phone call from the school, could I please come in to see the teacher when I pick the boys up.  Trust Bashy, the excitement probably got to him, been up to something he shouldn't have...


The teacher called me to say how fantastic they thought the gifts were.  They were truly appreciative.

Well for that I will give up a nights sleep.

I'd show you photos but didn't take any, too much of hurry!

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