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for inside it is black... it is also, red and purple and blue and green and orange and all the colours of the rainbow. I am showing you my true colours.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well, everyone else seems to have one SO... here is mine.  Please be patient as it is sure to take a couple of posts for me to get the hang of this.  I am not a stupid person (by my own account) but I must say sometimes things just do my head in... let's hope this isn't one of them.

I am sitting at work and it has taken me at least 1/2 hour to get this up and running with all the bits and pieces and so I am getting in trouble for not getting on with work.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that uncomfortable, "do some work or your fired" type of trouble.  It's more the "don't complain to me later when you've got work up to your ears if all you've been doing for the last hour is facebook and blog!"  Hmmmm... seems he might have a bit of a point there!

We have just finished birthday week and things a settling nicely into Christmas panic mode.  Having our two eldest sons birthday in the last 4 days of November and my birthday the first of December generally means that it isn't until now that we can really focus on getting the Christmas stuff organised.  Hahahahahaha, who am I kidding!  ORGANISED! That is a rich exaggeration of level I get to, I think where I am is more on the line of barreling up totally unprepared, flying by the seat of our pants.  Still, we get through and no one complains toooo much.

Well that is it for my first post.  I would like to write more but I actually think I should get on with some of that work.

Just for the sake of it, I am posting a photo (a badly taken one, I might add) of one of my very first altered journals.  I made it about 4 years ago, still proud of the effort even if all it shows was I had a long way to go.  I would like to have posted the Christmas cards I have been putting together, but just am not organised enough... I think you'll get used to that. 


Mel Connell said...

Yay!!! bout time there miss Megan!!!!

Now we just need an Update from you!

Mel xxxxxxxxx

Jenny said...

WOOO HOOOOO How exciting you have a blog now as well , well done !!!

Hey dont you think Mel needs to update her blog first LOL ???

Luv J xxxxxxxxx

kelsey said...

Welcome to the bloggy world Megan.