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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not that room, this room!

This has a multi point start this story.
Road 1. My husband (who is far too opinionated for his own good sometimes, LOL!!) thinks it isn't fair for me to decorate our house.  See, according to him, we should all have some say in the decorations and they should display all of our personalities; we should all feel like this is our space and we should all feel like it is for us and a part of us.  You see I am not the only one living in this house... and you can tell that by the dozens of giant Ford Car posters that decorate my living room that help him feel this is "his" space, you know help him represent "his" personality!  The question is, how to make decorations around the house that aren't just for me?!?!
Road 2. We live in a tiny house, just a wee bit bigger than the even tinier house we lived in whilst we were in Perth.  However, even in this small house my children get lost.  It never happens in the clear light of day, always in the middle of the night when small, soft hands rub at puffy, heavy eyes, or when some scrape or bump brings tears to those eyes and make the world seem blurry and harsh.  So I have put up door plaques to help jog their memories!!  The problem with the "communal" doors is that I have 5 age groups and 6 personalities to deal with -_- ! Not easy, let me tell you.

So, I have made a plaque for the children's bathroom.  I have kept the background earthy and grungy and not too many embellishments, to cater for my two big boys (12 and 8, cause they are far too cool for baby/girlie stuff) and I have used the awesome WOW chipboard word with bubbles and a gorgeous little ducky to cater for my two littlies (5 and 3), and the two biggest in the house will have to make another bathroom plaque for theirs. Tehehe!

Now there are a lot of new paint type products out on the market, and I have to say I am a bit of product junky, BUT I am sort of a bit of a drive away from my local shop so I can't indulge like I would like too! However, while standing at the counter of the local chemist the other day looking at the fabulous discount/discontinued basket on the counter, I had a stroke of... well I nearly had a stroke!  It came to me in a panting, hand flapping, screeching, giggling way, as some good ideas do!  In the basket was a kit that was 60% off!! How can I walk past something that was 60% off?? 6 for $10!!  SIX FOR TEN!!!  Oh I had to had them...  Gorgeous, kitsch, shiny NAIL POLISHES!!!!!!!!  And then what did I do with that nail polish... coloured my chipboard of course!!  And I love the effect, nice and shiny and metallic AND it behaves a bit like Dimensional Magic in that you can drip it on ridiculously thick and the surface tension holds it in a dome shape. And the little bubbles that appeared, just sand down and one more quick thin coat to cover and if only you could see in the pic the effect, really, really happy with it! And some terrific colours to play with!!
It was hard to do the embossing any justice in these pics either. All over the fussy cut embellishment and in that whole bottom right corner I have sprinkled Judikins Extreme Peacock Embossing Powder and heated it because I love the sprinkly rainbow effect. I really think it helps with the "watery" look. With the WOW words so shiny and metallic looking I think the embossed area helps tie in the texture and look of the words, with the backgrounds being rough and grungy.
The little ducky was coloured with Magical Mica's only the most awesome colours I have ever had the joy of using!! He is lovely and shiny too!!
Just one more word to all the friends, family and neighbours of ours that have been suffering through the floods, fires and earthquakes that have rocked the places near and dear to us in recent times. You are very much in our hearts and prayers.

See you soon,
take care of each other,
Megan B xx

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