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Monday, October 12, 2009

Congratulations Misty and Phil

Anyone who has come within 200m of me lately would have heard about the invitations that I have been making for my lovely sister-in-law, Misty. You would have heard about it because to be truthful it has been a little bit of a stress. Doing the invites themselves wasn't the stress, it wast just that Misty had picked a colour combination and a paper that was very different to what I would have chosen which made it a real challenge. Misty had decided to have Oriental Lilys and so her colours were hot pink and lime green. And the focal paper is one aptly named Oriental Chinese Carpet. So after much ummmming and thinking and trialling and redoing, I finished everything and the wedding went off without a hitch on Sunday. I haven't taken a photo of the actual invite yet, but I will and I will put that up as well!!
This is one of the bomboniere tags. Lucky for us my mother-in-law (beautiful, warm lady she is, I really do love my mother-in-law), makes soaps and candles so Misty had beautiful pink and green soy candles in lovely little frosted glass holders, with guess what scent... Wedding Cake!! There was the most beautiful sweet cake smell all through the reception centre.

Place cards, yes, in case you didn't notice I hand stamped and embossed everything. The stamps are a Basic Grey set which was totally awesome because you could build any flourish you like out of the different small flourishes and there was a range of frame stamps that matched, how easy is that!!

Misty had originally left herself and her groom off the list, so I took it on myself to make this 8x8 canvas for there place card. I actually used pink mulberry paper to do the tissue paper background and it worked a treat!!

The happy couple, Misty and Phil!

We always wonder where Wal comes from because she looks so different to the boys, but she is soooo like her Aunty Misty!!!

PS Keep an eye out I am going to tell you about the discovery Mel-Belle and I made at work the other day... Border-ific-abilities!!!!!

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Jenny said...

They turned out really well Meggsy - I bet Misty loved them!

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