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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Major, maajjoorr, MAJOR upheaval!

Well this could be a really long post, so I am going to get straight to the point... we have had a major upheaval. I'm not sure if the title gave it away?!?!?
I think everyone who has read my blog or facebook would well and truly know that Kev has been working in a "FIFO" (Fly-in-fly-out) position in the mines in Newman since April this year. When Kev took this job it was for a new lease on life.  After owning our own business or working for himself for the entire time we have been together he had had enough. 14 hour days, 7 day weeks. Never knowing what next week would bring.  We spoke to a lot of people.  We thought getting settled in our business early would mean the time would come when we could step back a bit, but everyone we ever spoke to said the same thing.  It never ends.  Our business did really well, and it was a hard decision to let it go, but he decided being able to spend time with the family was more important, so a job in the mines would suit our needs.  We thought it was definitely best for me to stay in Perth because of the kids (I hadn't really thought about how much I would feel like a single parent because of his absence). Our biggest boy was graduating primary school and we got him into the high school we really like, our baby needed help with a delay in his speech, and we had all those after school activities that they would miss out on if we moved to a small country town.  So, sensible thought won out and off Kev went at the start of the year.  And although I put on a brave face, it was one hell of a year.  Not only was Kev only with me one week out of three but to add a little more to the mix, my mum, who lives with us, fell and broke her arm (for the second time in 6 months) in May.  Now to a normal person this would be an inconvenience.  But in case you've never met me, there is very little "normal" about me and this extends to my mother.  She has Lupus and various serious complications that go along with the title.  Breaking her arm actually meant she was unable to walk because she uses and aide. And due to uber heavy drugs they pump into her she has the immune system of a grain of sand.  Anyway, due to some heavy complications Mum was really very unwell for quite a bit of last year and I felt oddly lonely for most of it because my soul mate was 100's of kms away. Now to fill in that blank I have to let you know that Kevin and I are still majorly in our honeymoon phase (I can hear you A-M, lol!).  Until the first swing, where he was gone for 15 days, we hadn't been apart for 15 days in total since we first met. Literally! We are the kind of couple who still hold hands walking around the shops.  We still sit next to each other on the couch every night. We go to bed at the same time every night, brush our teeth standing together around our tiny little basin.  I think you get the picture.  I almost lost my mum and I felt a bit like I had lost my best friend/lover/partner.  Not only was I feeling lonely and scared but my heart was breaking for my man because of the pain I knew he was in, so very lonely going back every night, after 13 hours of work every day, to an empty room.  Waiting patiently for our phone call every night just to hear our voices and feel like he was still apart of our day.  Feeling miserable and helpless because he couldn't put his arms around me as I sobbed on the phone most nights with fear, loneliness and heart ache.  So we had a change of heart.   We decided to go where the family could be together.  It was always going to be better for the kids to have their parents together as this is the way we work best.  Kev was approached to apply for a couple of jobs from a couple of different company's and that is what he did and then we just waited.  I kept "breaking the news" to everyone but was almost disappointed - no shock value there, everyone who knew me, who knew me & Kev, could see it coming.  Another hiccup- sure why not!! -  I couldn't bring Mum with me.  She can't get her medical treatment here and she needs to stay closer to my Nana.  So it was not an easy decision but it was one we all made.  And now here we are in Newman.  It really has been the best decision we could make.  And thankfully to all the beautiful family and friends that I have, my Mum will never be alone.  They are all chipping in to help keep her company and help her out where needed.  They know who they are and I can't thank them enough from the bottom of my heart, I just couldn't have left without knowing they love and care for my mum just as they do for me.  I know it doesn't make Mum's heart as full as having all of us around but it will only be for a couple of years.

What will I do up here?  Well, Kev thought, considering I have always held down a job (going back after each of our four children) aswell as working in our business,  and looking after the kids and Mum, that now might be the time I could spend on furthering the thing that means the most to me (other than my loved ones)... My art.  But what to do and where to start?  Oh the plans!  Hmmmm... Well, I decided when I saw the call out to drop a quick line to Suzanne from Words or Whatever, and here I am the extremely chuffed last DT member!  So this is a MAJOR good news post.  I have to say a huge thank you to Suzanne for being so patient with me while I fell into the black hole of communication that enveloped me while we were in the process of the relocation, your an absolute GEM xoxo.  I absolutely can't wait to get stuck into that corner of my head where the creative stuff lives and put it to good use.  I can't leave without a picture so I have just put up a couple of sneaky's of my scrap space.  As always it is in the middle of our living area, Kev has allotted me a good space so that I can be right next to him while he is on X-Box or puter or TV!  (*sigh* peace and love reign again)

Man, I love these old faux ivory handles on my vintage buffet!!

Please take care of each other,
see you soon!
M x
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Mal said...

OH megan what a post! and what a year you've had! can't begin to imagine what it's been like...I know my husband dont like to be apart for even one night! let alone 15!!!

I have a friend in Newman...well I have two friends over there...can't remember which one is in Newman...Bree or Megan Leslie...they are both lovely...both on FB if you want to make contact and both scrappers.

Marcy said...

what a huge year for you and youre family but with a love like you describe you need to be by each others side!!! You are lucky to have such a rare , lasting and beautiful thing. Good luck with your new diggs and directions!!! :)