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Thursday, February 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Scrap...

So what does the staff from a scrapbook store do to celebrate the end of the year and spend quality time together for the festive season...?
Have a scrap of course!!! So at the end of last year we had a fantastic work scrap! It was Natalie, Kelsey, Mel, Jenny, Vicki (from our DT) and Me! What do we do to spice things up...? (I just know these are all questions you have been asking yourself this whole time, tehehe!) We have mystery challenge! Each of us bought in a pack from our own stash at home to the value of $10 or so, and we put them in and pulled one out each, lucky dip style, making sure not to grab our own (that would just be cheating). We then had an hour and a half to make something with what we had. We could add colour and bits and bobs but the bulk had to be out of our "pack". We then put it up for the customers to vote on and who ever got the most votes was in line for a most gorgeous tool tin that Jenny had made. And the winner was... ME!!!! Talk about blown away!! Thanks to all the girls that voted and in particular the ones who voted for my little canvas. Thanks to Jenny for packing in G45 paper, tags, dress form and wings! This thing just made itself!!

I am almost sure that they are all still at the store, scattered around for everyone to see, but I will also remind the other girls to put up something on their blogs so you can take a peek.
Take care of each other,
see you soon.

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